Avoid waste and increase
efficiency in the use of pesticides
Intelligent monitoring of pests and diseases
AgroPro Monitor® is a system that helps agricultural professionals identifying, monitoring and finding the solution of phytosanitary problems.
Use the AgroPro Monitor® application to collect data on pests, diseases and other threats on the field.
Access the data collected through the AgroPro Monitor® Panel with detailed graphs and reports allowing analysis and decision making.
The system allows assertive recommendations based on scientific methods, aiming at maximum effectiveness in the use of pesticides.
Growers and technicians can closely follow the whole process, being able to consult reports, stocks, history of activities and decisions taken.
30 years of research and practice in agriculture with more than 500,000 hectares served.

Desktop Panel

Crop access monitoring reporting and stock information in real time through the AgroPro Monitor panel.

  • Maps of the plots with geodesic-point markings.

  • Notification system where attention is needed.

  • View reports, recommendations, and monitoring.

  • Information Synchronized in real time with the data collected on the field.


When performing field monitoring,
professionals rely on the
AgroPro Monitor® app.
  • GPS-based monitoring based on sampling points.

  • Working on the field totally offline, it is not necessary to connect to the internet.

  • Record of photos and additional details related to field activities.


The collected data is process and organized in graphs reports and analysis in the Panel of AgroPro Monitor®.

  • Graphs and visual reports for analysis and decision making.

  • Agronomists and technicians work together to continuously monitor crops.

  • Secure access with technologies to ensure data privacy.

  • Access information anytime, anywhere.

Reduce waste and maximize your results

Increase of cultivated area with safety and quality

  • Greater coverage of cultivated area

  • Accuracy in the use of pesticides

  • Maximum control over harvests

  • Smart Economy

  • Leading technology applied to agribusiness

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Scientific learning, agricultural practice and state-of- the-art technology
AgroPro® is a technology company dedicated to the development of solutions for agribusiness. The company combines 30 years of experience in farming and scientific research, with the mission of understanding, organizing and making the information that comes from the field available, in a precise and intelligent way.