Each crop has a unique agronomic intelligence

We know where to look and what is important to evaluate

The AgroPro Monitor platform is based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), strengthening the non-chemical means of control that are essential for pest and disease management. The rational use of pesticides causes less impact on the environment and less residual effect on food; it also allows for a natural balance of pest populations.

The Monitor enables users to anticipate phytosanitary problems and adapt to the agronomic reality of the area, enabling decisions to be made based on scientific surveys of insect populations, mites and diseases and aligned with the value of area production and the cost of any treatments.

With a unique agronomic intelligence developed over 30 years of scientific research and practice with crops all over Brazil, AgroPro Monitor has specific methodologies for assessing field problems, understanding unique action levels, and critically interpreting the data collected for each, providing accurate results for decision making in the rational use of pesticides and biopesticides.

A Proven solution

  • Idea conception

    March 1987
  • First paper and Excel version (600 ha cabbage)

    February 2000
  • Second paper and Excel version (600 ha tomato)

    September 2002
  • Third version paper and Excel, and Palmtop (4 thousand ha grains and vegetables)

    February 2003
  • Fourth version and first Java version (40 thousand ha)

    August 2012
  • Second Java version (50 thousand ha)

    August 2013
  • Modules from other cultures

    August 2014
  • 60 thousand ha all over Brazil

    October 2015
  • October 2017